Color Match Tool

  1. Select the BRAND of product you are looking for from the BRAND drop down menu.
  2. Select the SHEET COLOR you are looking for from the SHEET COLOR drop down menu.
  3. The corresponding STONESMITH COLOR# and COLOR NAME that you need to order will appear in the chart.
  4. Place your order by using our online store, by phone, or by email.

** On MOBILE and TABLET sites, you must click GREEN BUTTON near the Brand to see YOUR COLOR MATCH.**

wdt_ID Brand Sheet Color StoneSmith Color # StoneSmith Color Name
1 Affinity Asea Stone 230 Beach
2 Affinity Ascend 228 Beige
3 Affinity Precambrian Stone 610 Camel
4 Affinity Antiquity 120 Cameo
5 Affinity Ethereal Snow 112 Canvas
6 Affinity Radiant Basalt 324 Chocolate
7 Affinity Auburn Horizon 323 Cocoa
8 Affinity Crest 232 Cream
9 Affinity Cut Topaz 310 Dune
10 Affinity Ancient Wetland 316 Fawn
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